About Us

cupcakeWelcome to Purely from Scratch! “You can say you made it from Scratch!”

We make baking from scratch easy whether you are baking conventional, gluten free  or organic. We put the baking mixes together for you and all you do is add the wet ingredients and bake away.  There is no skimping here!  All ingredients are real – just basic ingredients found in a pantry.  We have lowered the sugar and salt content in most of the mixes and have added some healthy ingredients such as ground flax seed or rice bran to the mixes where we could without changing the flavor or texture.

We use quality and familiar brands for our ingredients i.e. Bob’s Red Mill, Gold Medal Flour, Cook’s Flavoring Company, Sun-Maid, Frontier Natural Products, Authentic Foods, Wholesome Sweeteners, C & H and many others.  You’ll find the mixes have simple, straightforward names which makes them easily recognizable. The images are the photographs of the actual finished product using a 16 mega pixel digital camera.

We don’t add any preservatives or artificial ingredients so that means the shelf life is shorter.  And our processes for making each mix is technologically backward.  All the ingredients are put together by hand, not machine.  Baking one of our mixes just might give you the break you need from technology, so to speak, to get back to the basics.  Making a cake can be a cathartic experience, something to calm you as you enjoy the aroma of fresh baked goodies in your home while relishing the flavor.  Notice the bites on some of the images.  Those were made by human taste testers and each of our mixes were taste tested by numerous unwitting participants.  And we received very good feedback; some mildly coerced and some not.

We also plan on having “How To” videos and a “Gourmet It Corner” where we show how to fancy up a dessert for a holiday or just to impress someone as we build our product line.  We will include our customers’ ideas when we can and are always open to suggestions.

Eventually, we would like to open our e-store internationally so that people all over the world can enjoy our mixes. That’s sometime in the future but in the grand plan.